We’re always on the lookout for new boba places in the Tri-City area and found this place on Yelp while browsing last night. We weren’t sure if they had opened yet, but decided to take a chance and visit. They’re open, but apparently still in the soft opening phase (we were told they were only open for two days).When we walked in, the person at the counter (who I’m assuming is the owner) welcomed us in and gave us many suggestions and answered any questions we had. I’m usually picky with my sweetness levels, but he assured me that their 100% sweetness was not as sweet as other boba places. We ended up ordering a House Mixed Fruit Tea (100% sweet) and a TB Milk Tea (100% sweet). Mixed fruit teas are my go-to at all boba places and this one was probably one of the best ones I’ve had. It included citrus fruits and mint, which made it feel refreshing. He was also absolutely correct about the sweetness level. I found the sweetness to be perfect for my tastes (for reference, I usually order 25% or 50% sweetness at other places). The Milk Tea was also very good and the boba was fresh and had a great texture. We were really impressed with our drinks and the attention we received and will absolutely be back!

Lori S. Fremont, CA

Had the Ovaltine boba drink and it was crazily good!!!! The sweetness was just right and the crunchy malt was a nice extra touch! The only advice I have is you have to drink it fast before the crunchy malt melted with the drink. I’ll definitely go again!

P C. Hayward, CA

Decided to try a new tea place today!  The tea and latte here is amazing, great flavor and not overly sweet!  Definitely one of the best tea places we gone to in our area. And there are a lot of tea places in our area. The popcorn chicken is made fresh, nice crunch but still tender with just enough spices for heat. And the squid tentacles, OMG, they are the best, reminds me of the ones I used to get in Vancouver. And that is saying a lot, the best squid tentacles I had in the Bay Area and it’s at a tea cafe!  Thanks Van for your hospitality and the amazing dining experience. We will be back again soon, especially to try your noodles!

Andy N. Union City, CA

I was near by Newark on Sunday afternoon try to find a place to eat and saw “TBTea”‘s Soft Opening sign that caught my attention. So i’ve decided to walk in to give them a try. I’ve seen whole a lots of Boba shops in the Bayarea. But i guess this one is different by having their slogan as “Back to Original”. This place used to called “Tea Station”, a well known Milk Tea franchise started in San Gabriel, Los Angeles area. I’m guessing “TBTea” moved in after they “Tea Station” Franchise filed bankruptcy in early May, 2020.  And to be honest i’m the kind of guy who sticks to original ice cold brewed tea, either with milk or without. But what i do care is the tea boldness and aroma must out run whatever other ingredients that has been mixed with the tea. And “TBTea” did not disappoint me at all. I strongly recommend their Jasmine Green / Ascent Black. Which are the most basic brewed tea that you could find their siblings everywhere. But hey, these are the simplest way to find out the if the shop is using a good quality tea leaves or just loosen tea powders. I did not have any weird bitterness after taste at all. Thats a sign of using whole brewed tea leaf! Even they’ve offer sweet adjustments like other places but i could say that their 100% is not that sweet. (I’m not a sugar tooth person” On their menu i’ve found out that their are in partnership with “Straus Organic Creamery”. (Which almost all other Boba shops use their product too). But! It’s a definitely a Plus to use organic and local dairy to attract more customers. I’m sure that i will be back another time to try their snacks and etc. and i’ll keep my review updated. Amazing Tea guys! @TBTea

Yihao Z. Fremont, CA

We stumbled upon this boba place while walking around the plaza. They have a good variety of snacks and unique drinks that I haven’t seen in other boba places. They use real tea leaves, cane sugar, and struas organic milk. Prices are reasonable given the quality. Boba is on the sweeter end so ordering our milk tea 50% sweet was just perfect! The sweet potato fries were on point, they looked burned but they were actually really good. My friend and I love it! Garlic chicken wings were juicy and flavorful, it comes with a garlic soy sauce, but can eat it without. Popcorn chicken was standard. The staff here are friendly with good customer service. It’s their soft opening and I would come back to try their other drinks.

Sara T. Fremont, CA

Must say probably one of my top 5 tea spots in the Newark/Fremont/Hayward area! i’m very picky when it comes to cheese teas. By far one of the top 5 in my book! 🙂 We came here last weekend, unfortunately they were out of oolong, but the owner highly recommended their black tea, which was the “ancient black”. I’m a huge fan of Early Grey, but this one was slightly different, but i said why not and give it a try, plus the owner said if i didn’t like it, come back and he’ll offer free drink! So, i ordered the cheese creama ancient black tea, and honestly, my new fav! taste like a dark roasted peanutty flavor. So if you like oolong, i highly recommend their black tea. Their cheese topping was also the cherry on top. Very thick and cheesy, just how i like my cheese foam. not the bland, water down cream with no flavor. So yes, I will be back again soon, probably this weekend. Thanks owner for the recommendation.

Joyce P. Hayward, CA

TBTEA takes over the old Tea Station location in Newark. I learned that this new Tea place had just opened, so I decided to check it out. The staff were friendly and attentive as I looked over the menu.  I decided to order the Grapefruit Mojito. While waiting for my drink, I took in the decor.  Soon my drink was ready.  It was refreshing and tasty.  I will return to try out more of their menu.

Kenneth L. Union City, CA

I am not one to write much reviews but was sooo impressed here I had to;Hot milk green tea with boba- such thoughtful packaging (all around insulation and cap has hole big enough for boba straw and to sip); drink was delicious and super comfy to drink LOL idk what that means but it just went down really well. Popcorn chicken- juicy and good flavor. Experience- One of the nicest and most helpful business owners I’ve met . Will be coming back for sure!

Ming Y. Newark, CA

I believe this used to be a T station a while back. I noticed the spot was new so I placed a takeout order!I ordered the mango matcha latte! The drink itself had a lot of mango in it and was very sweet just the way I liked it. The pricing was pretty good considering how many toppings they put in it as well. I had no complaints and I liked their  customer service as well. I definitely want to come back again and try more drinks! Best of luck to them as they hit their grand opening!

Robby T. Newark, CA